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1/24/2020 FASTFISH-ID™ Presented at the 2020 Global Seafood Market Conference, Orlando, FL


6/19/2019 FASTFISH-ID™ Presentation at the 8th Int. Barcode of Life Conference, Trondheim, Norway

5/29/2019 FASTSPECIES-ID™ Platform Presentation at Zoo New England

3/16/2019 FASTFISH-ID™ Featured at the Intl. qPCR, dPCR, NGS 2019 Symposium, Freising, Germany

2/21/2019 The University of Guelph Completes FASTFISH-ID™ Validation Experimental Work

1/23/2019 Northeastern Univ. Engineering Students Test  FASTFISH-ID™ for Fish Field Identification 

1/14/2019 Tru-ID & the University of Guelph, Canada Join The FASTFISH-ID™ MultiCenter Validation Study

1/4/2019 ThermaGenix, Inc. Launches FASTSPECIES-ID Site at


12/18/2018 ThermaGenix, Inc. Updates the National Fisheries Institute on FASTFISH-ID™

11/27/2018 FASTFISH™ Speaker Presentation at the 4BIO Summit Conference: Europe

11/7/2018 FASTFISH-ID™ Update to the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)  

9/28/2018 Queen's University (Belfast, Ireland) Sucessfully Validates FASTFISH-ID™ 

8/31/2018 The University of Salford (Manchester, England) Sucessfully Validates FASTFISH-ID™ 

8/3/2018 ThermaGenix Launches the FASTFISH-ID™ International Multi-Center Validation Study 

4/8/2018 ThermaGenix Presents FASTFISH-ID™ to the American Museum of Natural History

3/23/2018 Oceana Makes Collection of Market Fish DNA Samples Available to Thermagenix, Inc 

2/25/2018 ThermaGenix Presents FASTFISH-ID™ to Tru-ID, a Canadian Species Authentication Company 

1/3/2018 Northeastern University's Ocean Genome Legacy Center to Build FASTFISH-ID™ Reference Library 


9/4/2017 FASTFISH-ID™ Commercial Test Development Starts at ThermaGenix, Inc

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